Yo MTV, welcome to my crib. (Wow, cringing at just saying that).

In all seriousness, hello lovely people and welcome to my home! I thought I’d start a little series attached to my lifestyle posts called ‘At home with Hannah’. If I’m honest, these posts probably won’t be the most interesting thing on the blog and are primarily for me to document the changes me and Andy have made to make this place turn from house to home. However, if you’re like me and are a complete nosy parker who can’t resist looking in people’s windows when their curtains are open, then this may be for you!
This house is the first we have bought (still feels surreal having a mortgage, am I really an adult?!) and we have really enjoyed making it our own over the past year or so. It feels like we have done so many things but in reality, there’s a lot left to do (but lets face it, by 6pm the bra’s off and I’m in PJs so don’t bother mentioning DIY to me).

First up this week, say hello to our living room!

Before: House viewing
Bare living room, brown walls and carpet (it’s a no from me).
Saying goodbye to the brown wallpaper. Hoped for smooth walls underneath…did not get smooth walls underneath. Enter Hannah and Andy armed with orbital sanders.
Sanding done, base coat painting begins! The faces of two delirious individuals who have spent an entire half term in one room together staring at four walls (do we look happy?)
Saying goodbye to the terracotta carpet! We were desperate for the floor underneath to be perfect enough to be sanded down but this wasn’t the case. (Hi Rachel hun)
Laminate chosen and laid (thank you to Bob who skilfully managed to fit it around our bay window). We wanted to go with a flooring that had a bit of character to match the houses style and this one resembled a proper oak wood flooring and we loved it (especially for it’s cheaper cost…)

New sofa time! Thanks to some help from my dad we were able to get some fabulously squishy sofas, one 2 seater and a big corner! Dad clearly getting his money’s worth bottom right and our friend Rach making herself at home on the corner sofa…
Our first Christmas in the new house. Absolutely felt mesmerised when we finished putting our tree up. I’ve never had a real tree in my life and it felt so special! Is it sad that a tree makes me feel emotional? Oh well….it does, so don’t judge.
One of the most recent photos of the living room! New pale blue curtains, new TV stand and bookcase that Andy sanded down and painted which we loveeeee
Currently in the process of adding some finishing touches in the form of statement mirror and artwork

Artwork (yet to be put up) of some of the places that are special to us – Knaresborough on the left and Malham Cove on the right. Yorkshire winter design in the middle which was cute and a little christmassy!

So there you have it, our living room from the day we moved in, to how it looks now. Personally, I love it so much more now. It feels so much brighter and a lot more homely than before. Since I was younger I have always absolutely loved period houses and quirky features and to now own a house with a beautiful bay window, well it’s a bloody dream! Hope you’ve enjoyed having a good old snoop around my humble abode, please do call back for another instalment of ‘At home with Hannah’ (and Andy….but that doesn’t have the same ring to it so unfortunately hun you’re not making the title cut).

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