Being told you look younger than you actually are should be a compliment right? Well, for me, in some ways its an insecurity. I can’t quite put my finger on why I often feel that way, but I just do. People who look their age or older don’t really understand and see the curse of the baby face as a blessing. In many ways, looking young can be a positive in that it can make life a whole lot cheaper. It could save me a solid quid on the bus if I fancied chancing a student ticket or a cheeky discount if I say ‘oh buggar I forgot my student ID’ in Topshop. Okay admittedly I never do these things because I reckon the one time I do it I’ll be sniffed out as a fraud and this entire blog post will be deemed pointless.

For anyone who is a fellow baby face, you’ll know that it can be a little frustrating when people point it out all the time, commenting on your supposed luck. I do annoy myself that I sometimes feel this way because really, I should be like OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH I’M 26 BUT YOU’D NEVER GUESS WOULD YOU! but really I’m just a bit like DUH, YES I AM FULLY AWARE THAT I LOOK LIKE I’M OFF TO START UNI WHEN IN FACT I GRADUATED IN 2014. (Avert your eyes to the left of this text for proof).

Baby faced gal since 1992.

So, I’ve touched on the highs of looking youthful (student discounts, no need for anti-wrinkle cream etc etc) but what are the daily struggles of a baby faced gal? Well, put it this way, if I didn’t have big boobs and a curvy bod (ok, more ‘chunky but still funky’) then I definitely reckon I’d be being offered the kids menu in the pub. Actually…that’d probably be a good thing, could do with losing a few stone! Anyway, I digress – if you’ve made it this far then please feast your eyes on some of the things people can say to us girls who are heading to 30 but still face the dreaded anxiety of being the only one getting asked for ID.

  1. ‘What’s your secret?’ – Nothing pal, I just naturally have skin as smooth as a baby’s bum cheeks. Seriously though do I ask you why you look 45 when you’re only 30? Nah. Didn’t think so.
  2. ‘Hiya love, are your parents in?’ – Erm, actually I own this home. I have a mortgage, I am a fully fledged adult thank you very much. (Must admit this doesn’t happen to me anymore now I actually have a my own house; I reckon there’s something about your parents house that just makes you look younger?!)
  3. Aw, you won’t remember (*insert name of TV show here*) will you?’– Okay do you seriously think I was born 5 minutes ago? Course I remember that very famous 90s show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Jesus christ what do you take me for?!
  4. ‘Girrrrll you look so cute!’ – Ok so my attempts to cash in my ‘5ft 3 baby face card’ for a ‘super mature looking tall person card’ were a failure then weren’t they? What if the look I was going for was sexy? Jeez, I might as well wipe that makeup right off, whip off my heels and instead opt for some 90’s jelly sandals (although these are 100% back on trend and I am HERE for it). Literally everyday is a wardrobe dilemma.
  5. ‘Oh, you work here?’ *slyly looks down at your ID lanyard*. – Ahem, coo-eee!! I think you’ll find my big fat baby face is up here, please look at it and don’t question if I am staff or not. This must be a pain in the arse generally for any career but try working with sixth former’s and blending in so bloody well *yawn*.

I could honestly go on and on forever with my grievances with looking young but I’ll stop there because I am well aware that I sound like a right dramatic crank, especially to you oldies out there who are well jel of me and my fellow toddlers. (Seriously though, what if in the future I look like a pregnant 10 year old? The anxiety is real man. Don’t judge). If you’re in the youthful boat with me and can totally relate to the stress of wanting to climb aboard the adulthood ship, holla at me – I’d love to hear from ya!

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  • Jacqueline Heywood says:

    Family trait Hannah! Just remember sweet face, sharp wit and fab brain- youโ€™ve got it all although it is a pain being asked for ID ๐Ÿ˜† Then it stops happening and the kid on the checkout in the supermarket calls you maโ€™am ๐Ÿ™„ itโ€™s all part of a very wonky ride!

    • hannahshappyhour says:

      Hahaha! True, should be pleased I have youthful skin I guess. Definitely not ready to be a ma’am yet ha! xxx