Think you’ve got a perfect relationship? Think again my friend. I’d like to think me and Andy have a pretty solid relationship but since we started watching the US office (about 10 years after the hype – yeah, I’m disgusted in myself too), it is clear that we have some work to do if we want to achieve ‘power couple’ status like Jim and Pam. Here are some of the reasons why these two are absolute ‘#goals’ and why we should all be striving to be more like the TV’s cutest duo:

LAUGHTER: Jim and Pam make each other belly laugh all the time and it is too damn cute. Seriously commend anyone that can work AND live with their other half (it’s a no from me).
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FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE: It literally it isn’t worth even looking in my direction when I’ve just woken up, yet Jim loves Pam warts and all.
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IN SYNC: Without even talking, these two know exactly what the other is thinking. They’re a proper team.
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BUTTERFLIES: It is so cute how nervous they get around each other at the start of their romance and to think that about a week after this Jim had bought the engagement ring as he knew Pam was his gal for life, well.. my heart just cannot take it.
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REALISTIC: It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that there are set rules for relationships, that we need to get together, move in, marry, then have kids in that exact order. When Jim finds out Pam is preggers, even though it is a surprise, his reaction is just so genuine and happy that my heart just melts. TOO CUTE.
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FAMILY GOALS: Omg when they dressed up as Popeye and Olive Oyl and had the baby dressed up too. Adorable. 100% doing this if I have children.
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TRUE COLOURS: Jim and Pam show that it is important to not take yourself too seriously and to base your relationship on having fun together
LITTLE THINGS: Jim buys Pam this teapot that she told him she had her eye on and stuffs it with private jokes they share, making us realise that it is the little, thoughtful things in a relationship that mean the most.

Whilst me and Andy may not be the nations Jim and Pam; on a serious note I feel lucky that he does have a fair few Jim-like qualities in him. We should all strive to be more like these two because at the end of the day, what better feeling is there than being totally in love with your best friend?

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