Ah Sunday… the supposed ‘day of rest’ (supposed being the operative word here!). For many people, myself well and truly included, this day signifies ‘Sunday Blues’, the dreaded fear and anxiety of tomorrow, of the ‘M word’. (It’s like ‘he who shall not be named’ in HP, maybe if we don’t say it it won’t appear?!) We start thinking about how free and fun the weekend can be, beginning to obsessively stress over Monday (shit, I said it) and what it will bring. I felt this blog post was apt considering we have just had the luxury of a bank holiday and now I am sat here unable to fathom the idea of doing 5 full days of work again and realising that the negative connotations of Mondays are slowly creeping back in.

Combating the Sunday blues is something I personally need to actively try to do as otherwise, my anxiety can be a little uncontrollable. But how? I’ve made a list of a few tips that I plan to try out and hopefully you’ll find them useful too.


Working in education, mindfulness and the ‘growth mindset’ concept are things I am always preaching about to my students yet funnily enough, I’m not too sure I’ve mastered it myself. Mindfulness is known to help mental well-being by making us more aware of our feelings in the present moment. It is important to try to enjoy the freedom of the weekend and focus on the now. It’s easier said than done, but in reality, is so true. There is absolutely no point crying over your carvery on a Sunday thinking about the inevitable Monday that is looming, because nothing will change it. Monday’s coming for us and we need to be in a calm, positive mindset on Sunday in order to be able to tackle it like a boss!

Get organised:

I am sooo guilty of not actually doing this. On a Friday when I get home from work, unless I have plans (unlikely, I am a bore), I am in my pjs by 6pm and that’s it then. Once the pjs are on and the bra is off, don’t even bother me with anything productive – it ain’t happenin’. I often contemplate, if maybe I wasn’t so bloody lazy, I’d feel better by the time Monday came. Take some time out of your evening on Friday to ensure your work bag is ready for the following week. That way, you can kind of see it as an extension of Friday’s working day and you don’t associate Sunday with it.

Write it down:

This one applies to two things, and if you’re like me and love putting pen to paper then you might be able to apply this tip. Before leaving work on Friday, I like to write a to-do list for the following week; that way it organises my mind and gets me prepared for what I can expect next week. Oh and let me tell you a little secret, I almost always include a few things I have already done that week just so I can tick them off and make myself feel like I’ve been dead productive – is that bad?! (if your answer would be yes then we cannot be friends). Second point – if anxiety strikes at the weekend, try writing down your negative thoughts and physically ripping them up or throwing them away to lessen the salience of the thoughts.

Leave work at work: 

The weekend is your time to unwind so leave work in one space and make home your sanctuary. Fairly recently I turned off my work email notifications which is a big deal for me! However, I know that if I get an email from a student at 2am then there is absolutely naff all I can do about it except frantically overthink and worry about it until I can actually do something on Monday. WHAT IS THE POINT?!

As the quote (and blog post title) goes: A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content:

If you know you’re likely to be hit by the dreaded blues, plan something fun to do! Who doesn’t feel content after a spot of brunch with their gal pals? Or a nice relaxing walk in the countryside with your other half? Disconnect from the online world and stresses of work emails etc, and enjoy what is happening in the now.

Finally, the Monday morning routine:

Hopefully, if you have written your to-do lists, pre-packed your bag/work folders on Friday, you’ll have already caused yourself less stress for Monday morning. You don’t want to be waking up Monday morning absolutely shattered trying to pick out your outfit, scrambling for things you need to put in your bag and leaving the house late. If you have done this in advance, you’ll hopefully feel more relaxed, allowing you to sleep well Sunday night and wake up feeling ready and raring to go for Monday!

Happy Sunday lovelies! β™‘

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