If you have come here expecting me to tell you my top tips for being tidy, then search again my friend because you won’t find any of that nonsense here. I am a self-proclaimed lover of a floor-drobe and I don’t think that’ll ever change (sorry Dad). Working in education, I am always encouraging my students to get themselves organised in order to help them pass their A-levels. Since being in school myself, I have always loved a good list. There’s nothing better than ticking off jobs on your to-do list let me tell ya! As someone who gets anxious from time to time, I’ve found that sorting my organisation can reduce that feeling. Laying out tasks in a clear format can help you know what the day ahead will hold, allowing you to prepare.

If you’re looking to organise your life then take a look at my top tips for how to start getting your ducks in a row:

Lists, lists, lists – If like me, you have a shockingly bad memory, it is so important to write things down so make lists your friend. I personally like writing things down on paper but if you’re a tech whizz, then there are plenty of apps you can download. My colleague introduced me to ‘To do’, an app linked with Outlook and I tried it for a while to pretend like it was rubbish because I am a sucker for a pen and paper but that didn’t last too long. When you click to tick a task off your list, it makes a sort of ‘ting’ sound that is so unbelievably satisfying. Eargasmic. Now I’m hooked.

Tidy desk, tidy mind – Okay so clearly from my opening lines you will know I am guilty of not being on top form with this but it something I aim to improve. Invest in good storage and get into the habit of filing things away once completed.

Set SMART goals – I use this logic with my students. To optimise organisation, set yourself some goals for the week/month/year ahead and make sure you meet the following criteria –

  • Is it specific? – make it clear what the task at hand is
  • Is it measurable? – how will you know when you have been successful in completing the task?
  • Is it achievable and realistic? – there’s a slight cross over here but you need to make sure your goal is practical and that you do things in bite-sized chunks
  • Is there a time-restraint? – setting yourself a deadline can help your organisation as you’re likely to prioritise better

Invest in a good diary – With a diary, you can plot out your day in hourly slots which is a great visual way of keeping you productive. These days diaries have endless sections in that can help organise all aspects of your life – such as birthday reminders, addresses, urgent to-do’s, shopping lists, food trackers etc.

Self-care is vital – I am a big advocate for self-care and love, but probably don’t practice what I preach! A key thing to make sure is that you get a good nights sleep. There’s no way you’ll be able to feel on top of things if you’re exhausted. Getting at least 8 hours can make you feel well rested and alert the next day.

If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them because despite my top tips, I am definitely a hot mess. Whoops.

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  • Kim says:

    These are some great tips. I enjoy making lists, it helps me keep on track and there’s a sense of satisfaction when you’re able to check off an item. I don’t own a planner or a diary(!), but I do use my phone’s calendar. But I’m hoping for something a little more visual for 2020.