Hopefully you saw ‘devils arse’ and found it intriguing enough to click this post. If that’s the case then hello, thanks for stopping by! The Devil’s Arse is in fact a cave (named after the flatulent sounds that come from inside it if you must know), and it is a cave that I spent my Thursday night in. I know what you’re thinking, but Hannah your nights are spent binge watching shit shows, drinking tea and being in bed by 9? Well, not this time my friends! Me and Andy treated ourselves to an evening at a pop up cinema in Castleton’s peak cavern watching Bohemian Rhapsody. Neither of us had seen the film before and we both really enjoyed it. Rami Malek who stars as Freddie Mercury was fab and all the greatest Queen hits were featured which had us all tapping, clapping and singing along in the cave together.

As you entered, the caverns car park had been transformed into a street food haven, with the likes of delicious wood fired pizzas and homemade pies making your tastebuds tingle. If you’re like me, you’ll have spotted the bar first and headed straight there. It served cocktails named after Queen songs which was cool. I was already out of my comfort zone by being awake past the watershed so I opted for a Gin based ‘Don’t stop me now’ cocktail which isn’t something I’d normally choose, but I was pleasantly surprised by my choice. Surrounding the stalls were lots of deck chairs where you could lounge and watch a live band before the film screening. They also had a fancy dress station which of course we took advantage of….

On the way up to the cave, there were cute little signs with Queen song lyrics on and famous Freddie quotes which was a nice touch. Upon entering the cave, you were hit with the delicious smell of fresh popcorn which is always a winner. If you had a standard ticket like us, you were on a fold out chair (can’t deny being slightly jealous of those with superior tickets who had sofas!), however we brought cushions to make it more comfy and fluffy blankets to make it super cosy.

All in all, we absolutely loved the Village Green event – watching classic films in quirky locations is a cool concept. Upcoming events include Batman Returns and Indiana Jones if you and the family fancy a cheeky night in the devil’s arse like us! If a cave isn’t your style, there are so many pop-up cinema events across the country that you can take advantage of – take a look for yourself!

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