My gal pal Rachel turned 30 recently (yep you read that right, the big 3 0, damn it we’re getting old!). Anyone who knows Rach knows she is the ultimate party planner. Rachel by name, Monica by nature; this gal is so super organised and when she has a vision about the dream party she wants to create, she won’t stop til she gets there! Literally, there’s no time to siesta when you’re preparing for Rachel’s fiesta….she has everyone on board with the prepping!

If you’re looking for a themed birthday idea, grab your señors and señoritas and follow these simple tips on how to throw a badass fiesta:

Dress to impress:

Grab your sombreros, whack on your ponchos, stick on those moustaches and if you’re like our friend T, well….just come as a giant chilli with no pants on! You can find Mexican attire for really cheap on the likes of Amazon and if you’re a gal wanting to be a little more fancy than fancy dress, there’s no better option than a bright coloured dress that resembles the dancing girl emoji! The likes of pretty little thing, boohoo or primark will no doubt leave you spoilt for choice.

Nacho average party decorations:

Nothing says fiesta like bright colours, cactus decorations and a piñata! Luckily, my sister in law Sophie works at an prop hire company so Rach was able to make a snazzy photo booth with giant hay bales and chilli pepper props! If you don’t have such luxuries, but you’re handy with a hammer/screwdriver/other DIY tool that might be necessary (can you tell I am clueless?), why not try your hand at making a taco bar! Decorate it with Pom Pom flowers, colourful bunting and maybe throw in a Mexican flag for good measure!

Let’s taco bout party food:

Can we just talk about Rachel’s dads cactus that he made out of a watermelon? Let’s all give Steve a round of applause for his brilliant creation and his patience! You can’t beat a bit of party food and would you feast your eyes on this feast!! If nibbly bits aren’t your cup of tea, why not make a huge pan of chilli and have a taco/burrito making station. The most important part in my eyes though is to keep them nachos comin’! After sinking a new tequilas, trust me, it’ll be a game changer!

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