You know I like to keep it real with you guys on the blog, so here it is – I have an invisible medical condition which means I’ve had more wees than hot dinners (Is this a silly comparison? Probably…). If you’re reading this and you know me well, you’ll already know all the deets and here’s a big shout out to you for putting up with me. If you’re new round here then you’ll probably look at me and not realise I’m a bit of a walking pharmacy. That’s the problem with the likes of Instagram, you only see the highlight reels and the good bits. What you don’t see (or have to deal with) is me sat in motorway traffic practically crying in pain, or having to pause Love Island for the 50th time to nip to the loo. So to give you a little insight into the life of a wee-a-holic, let me explain.  

When I was 8 years old, I was told I had craniopharyngioma (gold star to me for spelling this without the aid of google!) – a rare tumour found in the brains pituitary gland. I’m very fortunate that this was benign and wasn’t the type of tumour that spreads easily. Thanks to the amazing surgeons at the Walton Centre in Liverpool, it was removed and I’ve been clear since. However, as a result, I’ve been left with diabetes inspidus.

I can see your face screwed up behind your computer screen thinking ‘ya what?!’. The next words out my mouth after telling someone what I have is ‘nope it isn’t type 1….nope it isn’t type 2 either….nope I don’t have to take insulin’. It has naff all to do with the diabetes we are all clued up on in fact, but similarly, it impacts my life everyday. I’ll be on medication for life, I won’t have a good nights sleep without disruption and because my hormones are all messed up, there may be potential complications with me having children in future which really sucks. Having diabetes inspidus means my kidneys dont retain water like they should and as a result, I wee a lot and have excessive thirst. Imagine if I can get pregnant, it would be amazing but I’d probably have to wear a nappy! If any brands (tenna lady, pampers etc) want to hit me up for a collab, you know where I am!

There are plus sides of this condition I guess. I’ve *tough wood* managed to last 26 years without a drastic spot breakout, probably because I cane water like it’s going outta fashion (God help me if that day ever comes!). I also used to have a special card that I could show in shops to use their staff toilets if I was desperate. Good right? Well, it is when you have to pay 20p to have a tinkle anyway.

Oh and girls, if you’ve ever made friends with another girl in the toilets on a night out because she complimented your cute dress, that was probably me!

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