If I’ve learnt one thing from this years Love Island, it’s to never judge a book by it’s cover. When Maura did a cringe worthy wink on her VT entrance to the villa I thought oh sweet Jesus no, this girl is not my cup of tea. Fast forward a few weeks and my god have my opinions changed! This series of Love Island started off a bit of a slow burner, but now that I’m fully hooked I definitely think that without Maura, the villa wouldn’t be the same. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still times I cringe (tip: don’t watch Love Island task episodes with parents!) and there’s still times when she is a tad controversial. To sum her up, Maura is like marmite – you’ll either love or hate her. Here’s my feelings on why there’s just someTING (get it?) quite lovable about this year’s Irish babe Maura –

She is quickly becoming a feminist figure –

Who woulda guessed it!?! Whilst Maura’s sexual nature may have divided the nation, it’s clear she’s a 21st century gal who doesn’t give a damn. When Tom points out that she’s very open about sex, she responds “well why wouldn’t I be? everyone does it”! Maura challenges the lingering stigma surrounding female sexuality on more than one occasion. She not only normalises women talking about/ enjoying sex but she makes it clear that it doesn’t matter whether you’ve slept with 5, 15 or 50 people; who are we to judge? She’s sexually liberated and has the confidence to not care what people think about it – you go girl!

“It is what it is” – or is it?

Despite the “it is what it is” phrase being printed on Primark tees across the world as we speak, I think Maura actually symbolises the opposite. She doesn’t shrug things off and think ‘ah well, is what it is’, instead she tells people exactly what’s on her mind. I think I speak for the entire nation when I say we were sat in front of the TV screen shouting YES MAURA! when she absolutely rightly called Tom out on his bullshit comment about her being all mouth. She has serious balls and won’t take any shit just for the sake of avoiding drama and I love that!

She knows exactly what she wants:

Now, I’m not saying she knows exactly who her type on paper would be, but Maura definitely knows what she wants in a man. It’s exactly that, A MAN, NOT A BOY (ain’t nobody got time for dat…). She’s got standards and wants somebody who treats her with respect and like a princess – what girl doesn’t want that?!

All aboard Maura’s banter bus!

Christ, some of those other islanders need to liven up a bit and jump aboard Maura’s banter bus. She gets on with pretty much everyone, guy or girl, and without fail she says something every episode that cracks me up. I think her strong Irish accent adds to everything she says as well. A personal highlight has got to be when she got the text about casa amour and ran around the villa shouting ‘there’s gonna be loadsaaaaa williessss!’. Ha! What a legend.

What’s your thoughts about this year’s Love Island contestant Maura? I’d love to hear what you think!

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