Once a year, all across the country, the pink army invades for a takeover. A sea of women (and men now too!) who are fighting. Some fighting for themselves, some for other people. All of the soldiers have one main goal – to make a difference and contribute towards beating cancer.

The sad reality is that in one way or another, cancer affects us all. My eyes were well and truly opened to cancer when my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. From that moment on, it seemed like it was everywhere I turned – every advert on the TV, every billboard I passed in the street, I couldn’t escape it. Having someone so close to me affected by the big C spurred me on and gave me the motivation I needed to join the Race for Life and I haven’t looked back since! My beautiful mum passed away in 2017 and if I’m honest, the race for life has become even more of an important event for me since then on. It’s a tradition now and joining that pink army every year makes me feel slightly closer to my Mum. Despite her not physically being by my side, I know she is crossing that finish line with me.

2015 Race for Life with my Mum

I’d like to hope that there are people out there who haven’t had any experience with cancer but as I say, that is sadly becoming more rare in today’s society. Whether you have been affected or not, the Race for Life is still an amazing thing to get involved with. I already know that when I do my race, I’ll be overcome with emotion. Not just because I am missing and remembering my Mum, but because there is something quite powerful about witnessing a vast sea of pink warriors across the park, every person with a story to tell.

If you watch the Race for Life advert on TV this year it makes it clear how inclusive the event is when it says – ‘we’re not all superstar athletes, we are cancer beaters!’ Too right I’m no athlete, you can say that again! If you’re rubbish at running like me then who cares? You can walk it, even take your dog along for the ride if you want! Sometimes I find it quite nice to stroll along as it gives you the opportunity to see the stories people have pinned to their backs, explaining why they are racing for life. If you do like running though (who are you and what is your secret?!) then there’s a 10k challenge available. I’ve always stuck with 5k but have put it on my bucket list to do a Pretty Muddy challenge in the future as it looks like so much fun! I’d really love to get all my family and closest friends involved with me and create a real team vibe!Grab you friends and family to join you for the race for life. There is something for everyone, regardless of fitness ability, age or gender.

Whatever challenge you choose to take on, it is a truly inspirational day and without it, I would be lost. So, what are you waiting for? Join your local Pink Army today and let’s kick cancers you know what together!

I’ll be sharing more about my race for life (Sunday 7th July – Liverpool Sefton Park 5k) over on my blogger Instagram so be sure to follow my page and get involved! I’d love to hear from you if you are also taking part!

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  • Epic Human says:

    Such a beautiful post! I did the race for Life a few years ago as my grandad died with cancer. My uncles now suffering at the moment and it’s so difficult! Hope you have an amazing time in your race for Life. Hopefully I’ll be at the next one x

    • hannahshappyhour says:

      Aw yes you should definitely get involved again! Sorry to hear about your grandad and uncle, it’s so awful how common it is becoming for people to be affected by it. I always do the Liverpool Sefton one every year so if you ever are doing it there, you can count on me for support! Xxx

  • Gaby says:

    Such a lovely post, so much love for Sunday!

  • Sue says:

    Where so proud of you Hannah love you lots xx

  • Kate Murray says:

    Beautiful! Yes she is right there with you. My mom passed away from cancer in 2008, and when she was first diagnosed in 2001, that too changed my life forever. Thanks for sharing your story. The Pink Army is a great way to join the fight!

    • hannahshappyhour says:

      Aw I’m so sorry to hear that but glad you could relate to this post and hopefully gained some comfort from it. The race for life really is a wonderful thing and a great atmosphere. So so inpsiring xxx