They are honest:

First off, you’ll know your girl gang is strong if you can tell them out right that they’re being a complete bitch and to pipe down! For me, that’s how you know your friends from your best friends! (maybe I’m too comfortable with my bezzies, who knows?). I much prefer straight talking, honest people who just say it how it is. I’m not saying hurt your friends feelings obviously but if I’m stood in the changing room and ask if my bum looks big in these jeans that are 2 sizes too small for me, I expect you to respond with a big fat yes (then I’ll buy them anyway).

They are like a 24 hour hotline:

Girllll you better answer that phone at midnight when I have a basic bitch crisis that I can’t possibly deal with by myself! That’s what the girl gang are there for, to listen to you whinge when your fella dumps you and to always respond to funny memes you send on a daily basis.

You have the funniest holidays together:

If you haven’t already, once you’ve finished reading here, head over to my post about my expectation vs reality style holiday to Beni with my girl gang – you won’t be disappointed. If you have the right girls around you, it’s guaranteed it’ll be a right hoot from start to finish. Girls holidays always provide you with endless inside jokes that have you laughing for years to come.

They build you up:

Since starting blogging, that’s one thing I’ve really loved – finding a girl gang who are supportive and always trying to make you see how bloody god damn fabulous you are! (shout out to the ultimate girl bosses #lpoolgirls!)

Friends first, fellas later –

A true pal will stick by you no matter what, even if she does have a new hottie on the scene. The gals aint going anywhere!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder:

You’ll always know your girl gang is solid if it continues to be so when you re-unite after a long time apart. I have some friends over in my hometown Liverpool who I know for a fact I could go a full year without seeing and when I do see them it’d be like I’d only seen them yesterday.

Their house is your house:

If you can walk into your girls house and start making yourself a brew or napping on their couch without asking, you know they’re your bestie.

You’ve probably seen too much of each other:

They’ll always be there to unzip your playsuit on a night out and will stand in the cubicle while you wee with your boobs hanging free and guess what? they don’t give a shit. They’d probs do it sober and not bat an eyelid. (note to self: never google “boob gifs” without thinking. Sweet Jesus…).

They save you a shit ton of money each year:

No more “happy birthday, from me” presents anymore. Oh no, everything is ‘from us’. Going halfsies with your pals on your other mates present can be a real bonus of their friendship. Kerching.

You never feel alone when you have a girl gang:

You can always rely on your gals to keep your phone pinging all night long with whatsapp messages about all sorts, from bitching about their fellas not noticing their new haircut, to arranging the next cheeky nandos you’ll have together.

What do you love most about your girl gang?

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