The pressure to be “perfect” in the blogging world, why I’m doing my own thang and who inspires me:

Lets face it, life’s better with a filter. I can’t lie and say that I’m not living a bit of an edited lifestyle (I wish my hair really was as red as it is over on my Instagram), but I’d also like to think that my instagram and blog represent the real me. The likelihood of me posting a photo of biscuit crumbs adorning my triple chin is slim don’t get me wrong, but I am genuinely happy that my content is more ‘everyday girl’ and less ‘stereotypically perfect’.

It’s difficult being a blogger without a set niche (what can I say, I just loveeee to waffle). One thing I do enjoy though about being a lifestyle blogger is that I am sharing content of exactly that – my lifestyle. My content is varied, one day you’ll find a candid (secretly heavily posed) shot in front of a flower wall, the next you’ll find me in my scruffs exploring the Yorkshire countryside.

The truth is, it just isn’t realistic for me to get the insta-worthy shots that I drool over on Instagram. I have a full time job in a school and by the time I’m done tearing my hair out because of students (I joke, they’re all lovely really..), it’s pyjamas, cuppa tea and love island time for me. The photos you see of me are typically from actual days out that I’ve already had in the diary, not that I’ve planned specifically for the gram. The ironic thing is, I’ll admit it, I am such a cow when it comes to taking photos. My poor boyfriend (aka insta-photographer) Andy has to endure my moaning if I don’t like the photo. That’s a confidence/self esteem issue I think….and that’s a post for another time!

The difficult thing about the blogosphere and influencing (ew, not a fan of this word) is that it’s over-saturated and everyone’s saying the same thing half the time and posting the same photo (if I see one more shot in front of Peggy Porschen Cakes I’ll cry. I’m all about doing it for the gram but if I have a spare fiver, I’m more likely to get a Morrisons meal deal than a single tiny cupcake that looks too beautiful to eat).

Its fairly easy to find yourself comparing yourself to that gorgeous girl posing on that swing in Bali with no other fucker on the beach to ruin the shot. As much as those photos do tend to achieve a double tap from me, it is the everyday girls like myself that are my favourite ones to follow. The ones who post banging photos of everyday shit, make me howl with their captions and write blog posts that we can all relate to. To promote a bit of community over competition, here are some of my absolute fave everyday girls that you too should follow and feel inspired by:


If you don’t follow this girl on every social media platform possible then you really need to re-evaluate your life. Jen’s a straight talking, no bullshit kinda gal and I am HERE for it. Her blog posts literally speak to me and I am so made up I found her! (She also blogs for The Daily Struggle which is just an absolute dream to read!).


Gaby is an absolute gem and if you’re in your 20s then you NEED to follow her blog/insta. I thought I was doing well and adulting until I met her and then I realised I had so much to learn! She provides me with all the positivity and motivation on a regular basis and I love it!


I’m so happy I found Georgia’s profile! She is a breath of fresh air on the gram as she is so naturally beautiful and is also a really lovely girl. Like me, her photos are varied and she showcases some gorgeous scenery shots. She’s also a teacher and has me giggling at her funny stories in her captions!


What can I say about Cara, other than the fact she is such a BABE. She champions a #busybarelyadulting hashtag and to be honest, relatable much?? Her stories/blog posts about dating disasters have me howling and she provides all the body positivity a gal could want!


Say hello to the blogging QUEEN! Over on instagram, Vix shares her body acceptance journey and the message that we want to see diversity! Her blog is informative, hilarious and heartwarming all at the same time. She really is just a little ray of sunshine!

If there’s anyone out there who you follow that gives you the same vibes that these babes give me, hit me up on instagram so I can get on board!

Here’s to the everyday girls!

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  • Daisy says:

    THIS!! I’m exactly in the same boat as you! I don’t really have a niche and tend to post what makes me happy. I don’t have anyone to help me take pictures so just have to depend on what I have to hand! All of the ladies you shared are amazing, especially Vix! She is one of a kind! xD

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  • Bekki Ramsay says:

    Yes, yes, yes to this! I feel you, too. As another waffler, I like to blog about anything and everything that takes my fancy. Whilst I also felt like this meant I didn’t have a niche, I’m beginning to realise that ‘waffling’ and being an ‘everyday’ blogger is my niche! So much so that I changed my blog URL to ‘Filler Chapters’ – which essentially means celebrating the everyday moments, rather than focusing on life’s ‘Big Chapters’.

    Anyway, I bloody loved your blog post and am going through each of the bloggers you recommend! Giving them – and of course, you – a follow on Bloglovin as you blog about stuff that matters.

  • Victoria says:

    Love love love this! I’m the same, at the beginning of the year I tried a niche but I just like everything – beauty, travel, lifestyle. I love seeing a varied accounts on my news feed and yours is one of my favourites. Keep doing you babe xxx