Born and raised in Liverpool, I’ve always been a city gal. Living life day by day in the hustle and bustle can be fun, however sometimes, it’s nice to unwind and slow down. Since meeting Andy and moving near Leeds, my eyes have been opened to some stunning places right on my doorstep. Whilst Leeds itself is a city, it belongs to Yorkshire – a place I now call home. To me, Yorkshire is the hub of beautiful countryside that is perfect for those days when you need to blow the cobwebs away.

Whilst I’ve become a little country bumpkin who loves a good walk, I’m still a sucker for creating content wherever I go so I always want to take the camera with us. As someone who loves colourful, vibrant content, to me, there’s no better backdrop than the great outdoors!

I feel so bad that Andy is always the one carrying the bags, especially as I’m the one wanting to take photos. If I’m honest though, an old under armour rucksack is more his vibe than mine! I needed to find something that suited my style and now, I finally have. Enter Gaston Luga!

This was just for the photo….I carried it all the way up and down Malham. Promise!

Gaston Luga is a swedish brand that bridges the gap between fashion and function. I was kindly gifted a rucksack and I chose the Classic – Olive and Brown, which I thought was stylish and yet suited the country bumpkin vibes I’m feeling at the moment.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should invest in a Gaston Luga backpack:

ONE: There is something for everyone. I chose the Classic variety backpack as I knew the main purpose for it would be for travelling. As I said earlier, they’re stylish so if you’re a fashionista wanting to use the bag day-to-day, I’d recommend the Parlan. Super chic!

TWO: The backpacks are super spacious which is ideal if you’re like me and carry your camera equipment in it for shooting

THREE: There are lots of little compartments to store essentials in. My favourite had to be this little pocket at the back – purely because I can hide snacks in there!

FOUR: At the moment, they have a deal where you get a free passport holder with every purchase. From September you get this super cute toiletry bag.

FIVE: You can get 15% off your purchase using my code: HAPPYHOUR15. They also offer free delivery (what is not to love??)

What are you waiting for?

*Backpack, passport holder and toiletry bag gifted by Gaston Luga. All views as always are my own honest opinions.

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