2019 marked another year of me and Andy going to Leeds Festival as guest campers. If you’re one of the mere peasants in the ordinary camps, I feel for you – I’ve done it before when I was in my teens and I never did it again. Heading back to the festival aged 26, things seemed quite different to years gone by.

Here’s what I learnt during our weekend at Leeds Festival 2019:

(Just a heads up: most of the things I learnt at the festival revolve around realising I’m an adult now and I can’t lie, it’s not the life for me)

1. I thought being 26 was young until we got there and 95% of the Leeds Fest population were celebrating getting their GCSEs and were getting ID’d for trying to buy Red Bull energy drinks. (To be fair, I probably fitted in well due to curse of the baby face).

2. Teenagers in 27 degree heat don’t adhere to the “boobs or legs out; not both” rule.

3. Always stay at the back of the arena tent unless you want to crack a rib by being barged into by a 15 year old who is twice your size and weight

4. Head to the Introducing stage more often, you never know who you will discover. Mad to think that Ed Sheeran was on there in 2011 and look at him now!

5. The drug culture is well and truly out there and it needs addressing

6. The comedy tents are perfect for some relaxing time

7. Speaking of comedy tents, we saw Chris Ramsey and he is proper fit up close

8. A lot of people who go there don’t even like music and are purely there for the gram

9. Underwear apparently constitutes as an outfit these days

10. A flower crown doubles, if not triples, your level of sass

Wearing a flower crown.

11. Glitter never comes off. Ever.

12. You can have fun without drinking alcohol

13. Anywhere on your body can get sweaty – hello sweaty ankles!

14. Hiding 2 cans in the back of your shorts to sneak into the arena is really frigging obvious because your arse looks square

15. Gigs are probably more my scene than festivals (okay this excludes Glastonbury because I 100% need to go there)

16. Sign language is beautiful and more people should learn it (there was a woman signing the songs at Foo Fighters and honestly, she was fab and we were nearly crying)

17. Every fucker thinks they’re Lewis Capaldi now wearing those sunglasses (photo purely for demonstration – I did not purchase).

Wearing Lewis Capaldi style sunglasses in red

18. “Alan, Alan, who the fuck is Alan” chant is still going strong (thanks to the chav who was singing it at 5am outside my tent, really appreciated it)

19. I wish I was a teenager again and could quit adulting full stop

20. It is absolutely terrifying being on someones shoulders when you’re used to being 5ft 3 – the world is so different up there for you tall folk!

Sitting on my boyfriends shoulders watching a band play at the festival

21. Literally no one cares what you are doing so wear that crop top you felt self conscious in and dance like nobody is watching

Leeds Festival 2019

22. I am less cranky when I have a 10pm bedtime

23. I never knew it was possible to look this cute in a sleeping bag

Sleeping bag set up in the living room

24. Never look down when you step into the portaloo

25. I completely understand now why I got an A* in GCSE Dance (evidence provided)

26. Despite all the chavs, mud, tiredness and the exposed bum cheeks, festivals will always be a place for having a right laugh your pals.

Enjoying the festival with friends

Have you ever been to a festival before? I’d love to hear where you have gone and what your thoughts were – particularly if you are re-visiting it when you’re older!

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