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Hi, my name’s Hannah and I’m a serial over-packer

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll have seen that at the start of August, me and Andy went on holiday to Italy. As we were travelling from place to place along the Amalfi Coast, we only took cabin baggage. In hindsight, I’m ever so glad we did, because lugging a huge suitcase around on public transport wouldn’t have been much fun. However, my initial reaction was that of complete horror. Packing light, what was that?! To make things worse, whilst I was planning and packing my outfits I made the mistake of texting my friend Rachel (aka my own personal Gok Wan). To explain why this was a mistake, here’s a photo of Rachel on her travels for the WEEKEND in Glasgow.

2 days = 2 suitcases and a bag for bloody life

Our conversations went a little something like this:

Me – “Rach, I’d love to have nice hair on my holiday snaps, do you reckon I should take my curlers? I’m kinda struggling for room’

Rachel: “Curlers are 100% a necessity. You also need a new outfit per night, a few bags, tons of accessories, a few pairs of shoes and also different day outfits”

Oh by the way, this is also the girl who took 11 bags, 13 pairs of shoes AND paid for excess baggage on her recent trip to Santorini. Can someone remind me why I asked her for assistance?!

Despite Rach’s advice, I managed to close the case AND take the curlers. *Disclaimer: my hair was too sweaty to ever use the curlers – oops*. Even though I managed to pack fairly light, a lot of the tips you’re about to read below are things I’ve learnt in hindsight. I definitely could have done better!

Top tips for packing light:

If you have a boyfriend, take advantage of him:

Why? Well, because they literally don’t care if they only wear the same shorts on holiday which means their case is virtually empty. Remember those cute heeled sandals you wanted to take? Get em packed hunny.

Click and collect:

Okay so I learnt this tip from Gemma’s blog post (which you should 100% read as it is so informative!), yet I failed to use it myself because I left it too late! (now you see why this is all in hindsight!). Apparently you can make an online order at Boots for your liquids (i.e sun creams etc) and have it delivered to the airport store, meaning you can collect it after you’ve been past security. MEGA LIFE HACK OR WHAT? I love that idea! You need to give it around 5-7 days though in advance to make sure its all in stock for you to collect – which stupidly I only remembered with 2 days left to the holiday!

They see me rollin’:

If you’re like me and over-pack on the pretty clothes front, then I think it’s always a wise move to roll your clothes up. It may or may not save more space than folding, however it definitely saves you taking your iron with you!

Packing cubes are a god-send:

I find that packing cubes prevent me from over packing (kinda). You can fit a surprising amount of clothes into a packing cube, especially when you roll them up small! I tend to throw all my underwear and hosiery items into the cubes because I hate that panic when you open your case and think you’ve forgotten all your Bridget Jones knickers. Never fear, the packing cube is here! (You can buy them fairly cheap on the likes of Amazon).

Take advantage of your hand luggage:

Gone are the days of taking a handbag! Instead, I took one of Andys sport rucksacks which may not have been the cutest look but it allowed me to pack a book, few magazines, liquids, another cheeky outfit and all my travelling essentials. Check out this Gaston Luga bag below – an ideal size for packing a book, magazine, ipad, 15 more bikinis, accessories and probably the kitchen sink.

(*bag was gifted by Gaston Luga*)
Travel in comfort, not style

Soz but you won’t find me doing a “what to wear in the airport” post anytime soon because I tend to look like a full blown scruff. For our trip, I made sure I travelled in my chunky trainers, which saved loads of room. If you’re planning on taking a jacket for cooler evenings, whack that on too. Who cares if you look like Joey from Friends?

As I mentioned, a lot of my own tips I actually failed to follow through with! If you have any more tips for me for future travels, I’d love to hear them!

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  • Love this!! I read on Instagram only a few weeks ago about someone ordering liquids to their Airports Boots & I was amazed – I don’t think I’d have ever have thought of that! Ha. Such a good idea! And you’re totally right about the boyfriend thing!!


  • Paris says:

    Great post and I absolutely love the Boots tip, I had no idea! I might also have a look at those packing cubes; I’ve heard a lot of positive recommendations for them.

    • hannahshappyhour says:

      You definitely should, they are worthwhile! I can’t wait to try the boots idea out next time I go – can’t believe I left it too late this time. Oops! x

  • Rachel’s packing is definitely more my style hahaha! I overpack all the time. So taking just cabin baggage anywhere sounds like my worst nightmare haha! But these are great tips x

  • Alghashiyah says:

    Funny โ€œHi Iโ€™m Hannah and Iโ€™m a overpackedโ€ lol I can so relate! We all tend to overpack. Your friend though .. haha I love the backpack great for a weekend trip. I roll my clothes too my brother friend taught me years ago and it has been a lifesaver especially going away during the winter months. I definitely sneak items in my husbands suitcase Great post

    • hannahshappyhour says:

      Haha! I mean my friend is next level extreme and she’s proud of it haha! It’s definitely a lifesaver, I’m off to NYC in december and hoping I can roll jumpers up but not too sure how that’ll go yet… xxx

  • Kim says:

    These are some great tips! Especially the Boots one… I would never have thought of that.