*The items in this post were gifted by Dr Anders Professional Footcare in exchange for an honest review*.

I don’t think I know anyone who likes their own feet and I am definitely no exception. I envy the girls who have perfectly pedicured toes and no dry skin in sight because here I am with chubby toes, chipped nail varnish and cracked heels! They’re not a part of my body that I’m a huge fan of, particularly when I’m wearing a pair of sandals or strappy heels; yet I’ve never really done anything about it. Partly because I think, who likes feet anyway? Surely everyone thinks the same thing about their feet? But why should we think this way? After all, our feet are so important, they literally carry us along every step of the way through life.

This summer I’ve been to Italy and also been to a festival, so not only have I had my feet out a lot, but I’ve done an awful lot of walking. Receiving Dr Anders foot care treatments couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m as much an advocate for self-care as the next person, yet caring for my feet is low down on my list. As autumn approaches, the thick socks and boots come out. I definitely want to change this habit of neglecting my feet, even though my tootsies will be hidden for the majority of this season. From reading one of Judith’s blogs, I learnt that wearing tighter shoes can create friction and cause skin to thicken – aka, say hello to those hard heels!

The Dr Anders Professional Footcare range: A review:

I was gifted the products by Judith (Dr Anders) and in the package, there was an enclosed letter which introduced Judith as a person, as well as her brand which I thought was a lovely touch. I received the following products and here’s my thoughts on them:

  • Intensive Rescue Balm: The balm is to be applied to rough, dry skin so I instantly whacked it on my heels! The balm has a lovely fresh smell and isn’t greasy at all
  • Nourishing daily therapy: A light mist to spray over your feet, again focusing on any rough areas. The mist contains oils that leave your feet feeling silky smooth
  • Conditioning nail treatment: I can’t wait to see over time how this works but so far, I’ve enjoyed using it. I’m always forgetting to take my nail varnish off and I don’t like being without it because I think over time my nails look a bit cracked. Even after a few uses, my nails feel moisturised and the treatment softens the nail making it less brittle and easier to cut.

What I also like about the products is they are made with natural and pure products so are perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Are you ready to go sock free this Autumn? (indoors, in front of the fire of course!). If not, why not give Dr Anders foot therapy a try yourself?

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