In my most recent post, I talk about the fact that as a generation brought up with technology dominating our lives, it is questionable as to whether we are ever truly present. To practice mindfulness we need to be present and in the moment more, however I find that I tend to take for granted the simple pleasures in life. I’m forever focusing on tomorrow and worrying about it. My post about the sunday blues is a prime example. A week doesn’t go by without me worrying about Monday and failing to actually enjoy the little things that make Sunday as much of a worthy day as any of the others.

If you too are guilty of having a mind that steals your time due to chronically over-thinking and stressing about tomorrow then this is your reminder to actively try to find the joy in everyday. I took to Instagram stories and asked you guys some of the simple pleasures you enjoy that can lift your mood. Here’s what I found:

The list of little things:

  1. Watching the sunset
  2. Getting a bubble bath (I’m pretty sure Lush’s snow fairy is out now?!??! Please someone confirm so I can live in the bath from now on).
  3. Having a nice brew (Yorkshire tea surely?)
  4. Fresh clean bedding
  5. Waking up earlier than your alarm and having a cuppa or cuddle in bed with your partner before work
  6. Exploring in the countryside (always blows the cobwebs away!)
  7. Seeing a cute dog (always…)
  8. Flipping over the pillow to the nice cool side when it’s summer (not really applicable as we approach winter so I’m just gonna throw out there that I love cacooning myself into a heavily togged duvet in winter)
  9. Taking your bra off after a hard day at work (ladies, if it isn’t off by 6pm then we can’t be pals)
  10. Binge watching a series on netflix
  11. Perfectly melted cheese on your toastie (if you can make a crackin cheese toastie, you can be my mate)
  12. Your fave song coming on the radio
  13. A day off work
  14. Seeing your friends and family after time apart
  15. A good morning/night text (note: this does not include those dreaded ‘U UP?’ texts)
  16. Taking time out your day to read a chapter of your book
  17. Doing absolutely naff all and embracing being a slob
  18. Having a good hair day (rare for me, I’m the worlds worst scouse bird – where my curly blows at?!)
  19. Seeing a rainbow
  20. Making someone smile
  21. Seeing your favourite flowers (I always love when daffodils are out, or blossom on the trees in my garden)
  22. When you absolutely smash that winged eyeliner on the first go
  23. Finding a tenner in a bag you never knew existed
  24. When the thing you wanted to buy goes into the sale
  25. Sunday roasts
  26. When you press play at exactly the right time after the adverts (it’s like a game every time)
  27. When you have a ‘Mr green light’ day when driving
  28. The rain starting as soon as you go indoors
  29. When someone says ‘shall we get a takeaway’ (did somebodaaaaayy say….JUST EAT.)
  30. When your tin opener actually manages to open the tin on the first attempt (very rare occasion in my household, don’t know about you)

What little things lift your mood?

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