There’s always at least one basic bitch in every gal gang and if you’re a girl reading this and you aren’t sure who it is, it’s probably you. Don’t be worried about it, own that title because us basic bitches of the world are VIP. With Christmas round the corner, it’s never too early to get the basic bitch catalogue out and hunt for some festive treats. So whether you’re the basic bitch and you’re looking for inspo for your wishlist, or if you’re struggling for what to buy your basic gal pal/girlfriend, then look no further.

1: Slogans are your friend

As the queen of slogans, I’ve got you covered on this one. From tote bags to tees, basic bitches love a good sassy quote. Here’s some of my faves:

Slogan tee – New Look

Lets face it, you won’t delete it later – you’re cute AF hun x

Slogan phone case – Skinny Dip London:

2: Literally anything rose gold

If anyone tells you they don’t like rose gold then call that basic bitch out for being a liar. How the hell can you not?? Here’s some absolute rose gold beauties:

I ain’t sayin’ she a….

For the beauty babes:

Keep your standards high and squats low (most basic bitch quote going)

3: But first, coffee

Grab yourself or your pal a starbucks gift card – you deserve to go wild on those pumpkin spice and gingerbread latte’s girl x

4: Brunch Club

All basic bitches love brunch, it’s probably the best thing in the world. Am I right or am I right? Here’s my top picks:

Avocado is bae

If you haven’t been to Neon Sheep before then you are seriously missing out. They have some amazing stationary, mugs, t shirts, the lot – all for a cracking price!

Make everyday a brunch date with Zoella

And that concludes the festive guide! May all of your Christmases be filled with basic bitch energy, rose gold sparkles and brunches that include pigs in blankets xoxo

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