As someone born 4 days after Christmas, I can totally relate with how much of a pain it can be; not only for the person with the birthday, but for those on the present-buying end. I’ll be honest, I don’t quite know how people born on Christmas day itself cope! If you’re born around the festive period, you’ll know that sometimes, it can be overshadowed by the big man (aka Santa) and to be honest, how bloody rude of him?. Birthdays as an adult are an odd thing, you either don’t want any fuss because you’re feeling old AF, or you give yourself the title of birthday queen and celebrate in style for a good month. As someone who has got into the habit of the doing the latter (sorry, not sorry), I know how tough fulfilling the month long role can be during the festive period. So, without further ado, here’s how you can make December birthdays special and let us birthday queens shine!

We don’t want joint presents:

….unless of course, they are something really expensive and special like a holiday or a spa trip (hint hint for anyone reading). Seriously though, us December babies get the raw deal in this department and until Santa starts buying joint Christmas/birthday presents for January-November babies, then us December babies will forever be fuming about it.

Get off your ass and buy birthday wrapping paper:

Yep, you heard me correct – we do not want our birthday presents wrapped in Rudolf wrapping paper. Make an effort to stock up on some birthday paper so it looks like you haven’t just opened a Christmas gift, decided it was rubbish and then re-wrapped it back up for us…

Opt for birthday related activities:

Unless you’re a Christmas freak who can’t get enough, you aren’t going to want to spend your birthday sipping mulled wine and exploring the Christmas markets. Granted, these things are lovely but we can do them things any time in December (and lets face it, even in November!). Instead, make your pals December birthday feel special by opting for a non-christmassy activity.

Crack out the birthday deccies:

I get it, if you’re born any time in December, there’s likely to be a big fat Christmas tree stealing the show. However, you can make that December birthday special by making the effort to put birthday banners and balloons around the house as well.

Plan plan plan plan plan:

…and one more for good luck – PLAN. Yep, plan ahead and make sure friends and family are free around the time of the person’s birthday as it is a busy time of year. I’m not precious about doing something on the actual day of my birth, but I can’t lie – celebrating your birthday in February just doesn’t have the same effect. So get your Facebook events and family Whatsapp texts sent at least a month before so people can block out the special day.

If you’re reading this and are also in the December birthdays club, I’d love to hear from you and we can discuss our pain together! If you aren’t a December baby then you are one lucky sod…

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