Christmas is a truly magical time of year and it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own little sparkly bubble of festive joy that we forget that this season can be a tough one for others. Having the privilege to be able to buy and receive such wonderful gifts is something we all take for granted and I thought that this year, I’d share some ideas of how you can give something back over Christmas, to those who are less fortunate. If you do any of these over the festive period, pop on a comment to tell me all about it and I’d love to hear if you have any different ideas.

Helping the homeless:

Pack together some sandwiches, flasks of tea and head into your local area to support those who are homeless this Christmas. Get your friends and family to join in, more helping hands will go a long way and from doing this myself in the past, the people on the receiving end really appreciate your kindness. If you’re from Leeds, did you know that If (Call Lane) are doing a pay it forward scheme over the festive period? The idea is simple, you pay an extra Β£1.50 on your coffee bill and that money is used to buy a hot sandwich, drink and essential toiletries for the homeless. Such a lovely idea!

Get your Christmas goodies from a hospice

This year and last, I purchased a real Christmas tree from St Gemma’s and honestly, it’s made me feel 10x more Christmassy than I ever have before. Knowing the money is going towards the hospice is great, and usually around Christmas they have market stalls with other Christmas goodies like cards and stocking fillers. You can also volunteer your time, which is a gift in itself to those that organise these events.

Save the children Christmas jumper day:

Pop on your fave festive jumper and donate Β£2 to save the children! It’s a fab, fun way to get involved with supporting charities this season. I get involved with it every year at work and that’s the best thing about it, you can get so many people involved and raise tons of money for those in need.

Cupboard clear out:

There’s always the odd unworn jacket at the back of your wardrobe or a bunch of canned goods in the cupboard that you bought knowing full well you can’t cook. Why not get a bag together and take it to your local charity shop or food bank? Every little helps!

Consider buying a gift that can give something back

There’s always a gal in your life that you need to buy for and what better present than something gorgeous and smelly from Lush? Lush have a charity pot you can buy that donates 100% of the price (minus tax) to small, grassroots organisations. The organisations they support align with Lush’s ethics of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights.

Tell me if you’ve ever done anything to give something back over the festive season in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

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