Here we are on the 6th Jan and I’m writing my happy new year post. It’s a good job I aint a fan of resolutions isn’t it, because I’d have easily failed the “get more organised” one by now. Truth is, I find resolutions a bit too ‘all or nothing’ and they’re always linked with stopping doing something. I usually choose something utterly ridiculous too like ‘stop eating so much cheese’, when lets face it, that isn’t going to happen! (Fun fact for ya: I legit nearly cried tonight because I’d forgotten to pick some up to go with our spag bol for tea). I find resolutions and it’s accompanying “new year new me” tagline a little bit unrealistic. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely something refreshing about starting a new year, and in this case, a whole new decade. BUT, I think it’s important we change our mindset and stop assuming that as the ball drops on NYE and 1st Jan arrives, we categorically must become a whole new person. I mean, God forbid if there’s actually something we do like about ourselves?! *shock horror…outrage!*. I’m trying to see 2020 like this – there are 365 days in a year (ok, 366 this time – even better!) and therefore 365 (6) opportunities for me to be the best version of myself.

20 things in 2020:

I plan to make 2020, the year of ‘new year, better me‘, not ‘new me‘ by focusing more on setting goals, learning to love myself and developing overall as a person. To do that, I’ve jotted down 20 simple things I want to do this year:

Keep a bullet journal – I used to keep one of these years ago and I’m looking forward to getting back into it. If you follow me over on instagram, you’ll know I love to get creative. Keeping a bullet journal will be a perfect opportunity for me to develop this skill and also, to learn how to let go of mistakes and not compare myself to other creatives.

Say yes to more adventures – I’ve absolutely loved travelling this year and I can’t wait to visit even more places in 2020. First up is the Isle of Skye, Scotland in February and I’m super excited!

But also, say no once in a while – 2020 is the year for self-care, a time to slow down and not feel pressured to say yes to everything I’m invited to – whether that be linked to blogging, or to social gatherings.

Be kind – Spread kindness like confetti, that’s what they say right?

Read more books – okay, read full stop. It’s so bad, I don’t read unless I’m on holiday and unfortunately that’s not as often as I’d like. I hope that this year, I take some time to wind down especially before bed.

Stick to slimming world for once in my life – lol would it be me without a little weight related goal in there? I’ve done SW numerous times now and never managed to stick to it. This year, I want to get away from the mindset of feeling like it’s a chore and instead, embrace and enjoy eating more healthily. It’s less about the number for me and more about body confidence.

Have more energy – Tied into the slimming world point, I want to have more energy both physically and mentally. At the moment I always feel so drained and I want to feel more alive. I plan to do more exercise this year in the form of things I’ll actually enjoy like going for walks, dancing or zumba! I also want to take up swimming lessons again to develop my technique (lol jk, to actually learn full stop – there is currently no technique).

Be happy – There’s nothing I want more in life than to just be happy! Quite a simple one really. One person that makes me so bloomin’ happy is my boyfriend Andy and I can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for us!

Meet more new people – One of the main reasons I’ve loved blogging is because I’ve had the opportunity to meet some lovely local gals. This has meant so much to me, especially because I’m in a new (ish) city that isn’t my hometown.

Less self-doubt – I want to start believing in myself a little more than I currently do and realise that I am capable and I am worthy.

Go on a solo date – Cos I’m an independent woman who don’t need no man! Nah, seriously though, would love to have the courage to go out alone and actually enjoy my own company.

Go to Edinburgh Fringe – Bit of a cheat one since this is already in the diary for my Dad’s 60th, but since I briefly visited Edinburgh last year, I have always wanted to go back to explore the city because it’s so gorgeous!

Add more colour to my wardrobe – As much as I may look like I’m colour obsessed over on my insta and blog, I’m actually an all-black everythaaang kinda gal and I think part of that is confidence in myself and my body. I’m hoping to learn to love myself a bit this year and embrace wearing patterns and colours to show my figure off, rather than hiding it.

Be more present – I talked about this in a previous blog post, but I definitely want to have less screen time and more real time. I love getting photos and seeing what everyone is up to, but I’d hate to miss something in real life because I’m too busy staring down at a screen.

Save money – Me and Andy talk a lot about getting married in the future (still waitin’ for that ring honey!) and we want to start up a wedding fund to prepare.

Grow my nails – As a creative gal, I’d love to have gorgeous natural nails that I could play about with and paint but alas, I’m a biter. This needs to stop, it’s a bad habit and is definitely linked to stress/anxiety for me as well – 2 things I’d quite like to leave in 2019!

Blog more consistently – I always said I’d never put too much pressure on myself with my blog, but I’d definitely like to get some sort of schedule.

See my friends and family more – I struggle a little going back to Liverpool because I find it tough knowing my Mum isn’t there anymore but this year I want to make more of an effort to get over to see my family and oldest pals.

Finish decorating the bloody house – Hannah, you bought this house a few years ago now and you still have a half painted dining room – sort your shit out.

Less pessimism, more optimism – This is a big one, and a tough one for me. People always assume (on social media) that I’m this ray of sunshine beaming with positivity but the reality is actually quite the opposite. I hate to admit it but I’ve always been a glass half empty kinda gal and I’d love to switch that around. This is probably my most tough goal out of them all – in my 27 years on this planet I’ve fully evolved into moaning Myrtle off Harry Potter and it’s going to be bloody tough to get out that mindset!

I’d love to hear if you keep resolutions and follow the #newyearnewme trend or if you are more of a goal-setter? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Aw you’ve got some cracking goals there. We can try not fail at slimming world together lol I’m struggling through it 😂😭 hope you have a great 2020 gurllll

    • hannahshappyhour says:

      Oh yay I’m glad you’re doing it too – I’ll be messaging you for inspo and motivation haha! Hope your 2020 is fab too lovely, we should definitely meet up and have a proper chit chat this year!! xx

  • Kirstie Till says:

    Really enjoyed this post babe! I don’t set resolutions I only vow to add more that I love into my life ☺️ Love the part about saying yes to what you want and no to what you don’t! So important to remember ❤️ Happy new year babe xx

    • hannahshappyhour says:

      Aw thank you babe! Glad you agree and hope you have an amazing year too (and the best honeymoon – not jel at all…haha) xxx

  • Sumedha says:

    These are some lovely goals. All the best for them, and hope you have a great 2020!

  • Jacqueline Heywood says:

    I never make new year resolutions but I do love the beginning of the new year. I love how everything feels optimistic. I do however (even at my grand old age!) make personal choices for me, which I don’t share! It’s just a personal stock take on what’s happened and happening in my life. Up until a few years ago we toasted every NYE “this is going to be a fabulous year” but it rarely was, particularly with the health and well being of my loved ones, from epilepsy, mental health issues, major heart attacks!! Now I welcome the optimism and possibilities a new year brings and am grateful that we are all here to enjoy x

    • hannahshappyhour says:

      Aww I love that outlook! It’s lovely and refreshing starting the new year as you say, lots of possibilities and opportunities to embrace but there’s always a bit of pressure that comes with it!

  • Amy says:

    These are Amazing goals!! Some of them I want to achieve too!!
    Wishing you all the best in 2020 xx