Surprise surprise, ya gal’s got writers block. Yep, I’m well aware that sounds a little ridiculous and ironic considering I’m tap tap tapping away on my keyboard writing this post but bare with me on this one! As of late, I’ve felt like my brain hasn’t been in the blogging zone and that I’ve lost my direction somewhat. Far too often, I find myself questioning myself as a blogger, wondering what on earth to write about next and stressing about whether anyone will actually care. I feel like I’ve well and truly lost my mojo and I so desperately want it back! Hearing my blogging babe Victoria (from Doorways and Dresses) talking about taking her blog back to basics really resonated with me and got me re-thinking my next move on Hannah’s Happy Hour.

Remember why you started:

Whenever I have one of these little crisis moments, I love reaching out to fellow bloggers and the first thing most people say is ‘remember why you started’. If you’ve been around these ends a while. you’ll know from a previous post I did that I initially started blogging not long after losing my Mum. It became a way of jotting down my thoughts and creating a positive head space for myself. Over time, this little space on the internet became jam packed with all sorts of different topics. I love being a jack of all trades (master of none lol), but I’m starting to wonder whether trying to focus on far too much is making me overwhelmed and in reality, actually putting a stop to me writing. After I had this thought, by chance I stumbled on a post by one of my fave bloggers ‘Colour me Courtney’ which quite honestly summed up everything I’d been thinking. In the post, Courtney puts blogging into the context of meeting someone new – you wouldn’t blurt out your entire life story in the first hour of meeting them would you? No, so why would you try to cover every single topic under the sun on your blog? I read that and was like COURTNEY HUN, YOU ARE READING MY MIND?!

What I’ve learnt from asking you:

On top of the advice from my closest blogging gals and successful bloggers I admire, I took to Instagram to ask you guys what you like about my blog/feed and I felt so humbled by the responses. It seems that in terms of Instagram, people are loving my creative edits and splashes of colour which is great to hear because I love doing them! It makes the app a little more fun and less serious. In terms of my blog, the comments that stood out to me were that it gives positive vibes and that I’m real. I’ve always prided myself on keeping it real and to be told my content is relatable is such a compliment! Hearing that I’m giving off posi vibes made me happy too, but it made me realise I’m actually quite the opposite and that maybe if other people see this in my blog/feed, then I should just stop moaning and believe in myself??

What to expect from Hannah’s Happy Hour moving forward:

There it is, the bit we’ve all been waiting for – what is in store for Hannah’s Happy Hour? Well, sorry to disappoint but I’d be lying if I said I had a set in stone answer to this one. Stripping my blog back to basics for me means a few things – keeping it simple, writing about topics I love, producing content that I would engage with myself as a reader (or professional Instagram scroller) and keeping this space a happy one that I thoroughly enjoy being in. I’m a bit of a rambler (don’t know if you’ve noticed…) and I’ll be honest, I like that freedom of not being caged into one set niche. The bottom line for me is that I want my content to make me happy in the first instance because I think if you nail that, it’ll come across to your readers.

Blogging shouldn’t be a chore and when it becomes that way, it’s definitely good taking the time to reflect. So, I’ve given my head a wobble and in doing so, have ditched a few categories on here that I found stressful to write about – primarily, talking about the latest fashion trends because lets face it, pyjamas are my one true love and that aint changing. I’m all about finding those everyday joys in life and celebrating them so from now on, you can expect more lifestyle and travel posts to appear on my blog – I’m talking funny life stories, real talk reflections, sassy sarcastic ramblings, adventure sharing and yep, you guessed it – more moaning.

I hope you’ll join me for the journey and as always, any feedback (positive or negative) you have about my blog is welcomed πŸ™‚

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