Hi hun!

As you'll have guessed by now, I'm Hannah. I'm 27 years old, but I look about 17 and act about 87 (napping is my jam). I live in Leeds with my partner Andy. We've been together for 6 years now and we own a home together (hello adulting!). There's nothing I love more than a lazy day at home, getting snuggled, watching films and drinking Yorkshire tea. On the flip side, I'm a sucker for a pornstar martini and having achieved an A* in my GCSE dance, I am prone to busting a few Beyonce style moves on a night out.

I began my blog in 2019, not long after losing my Mum, as a way to express my thoughts. My mum's motto was 'make a memory' and through my blog and social platforms, I try to share that message. Life is waaaay too short to not have fun, so it's time we put our positive pants on and strive to find the joy in everyday! Hannah's Happy Hour is a place for opening up honest conversations and keeping it real, whether that be through lighthearted humorous chit chat, or meaningful reflections.

There's a little something for everyone so I hope you stick around for a little nosy β™‘